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Welcome to piketrapz.com. Piketrapz® are handmade pike lures built for a purpose, to catch big pike and withstand the abuse. Each Piketrapz® lure is unique. Each carved from a piece of wood, individually balanced and weighted, then airbrushed and finished with several layers of epoxy. Have fun and explore the site, who knows what you will find.

Buying lures?

One of the most frequent questions I get is “do you sell lures?”

I am a small batch hobby builder producing just a few batches a year. I do not produce to sell or take orders.

I do however produce more lures than I have use for myself, these lures I make available via the lure builders blog or auctions.

The lure builders blog

The lure builders blog keeps you up to date with what is going on at Piketrapz®.

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Bait Projects

It starts with an idea of a bait. Once the idea grows irresistible it turns in to a bait project. During the project different shapes are developed and tested using different materials. Some projects are short and instantly successful, other are much longer and not always successful. I am not sure yet a bait project can ever be finished of if it just takes a longer pause before the evolution continues. The portfolio displays some of my bait projects past and present.
Anders Henriksson

Anders Henriksson

Lure builder

I am the creator of Piketrapz®. I do most of my fishing in my home waters in Blekinge, Sweden. These are brackish waters and most days of the season crystal clear. I have been fishing here for as long as can remember, most days fishing for Pike. I built my first baits many years ago. Over the years building baits has become a growing hobby in itself just as rewarding as fishing. Piketrapz® is my way of sharing my baits with you. 


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