A first competition bait

I am a member of a Facebook group “Svenska Betesbyggare” and they have an online competition this spring which I will participate in. This is my competition bait. It is a Big Generic in a hybrid finish where I used both a laminate and meta flakes together with some airbrushing. The bait is 19cm long and about 115g and very slow sinking.

The laminate

The laminate I have used for this bait is the last one of a few I made for my very first laminated baits. It is made from a picture of an Ide I caught a few years ago.

The metal flake

I have used a mix of pink metal flake over the back, underneath the metal flake I have airbrushed a matching pink color.

One challenge is to make the metal flake spread equally across the tow sides of the bait, this one is as close as it gets.

Glass eyes

Given some light the glass eyes on this bait really glows. I think I need to start making my own eyes, these are addictive.