Testing Piketrapz baits

We are in the beginning of Spring season with a few more weeks until the spawning season begins and fishing calms down for a few months. The pike is still feeding getting ready for the spawning season and are in top condition. This is an excellent time to get some fishing in and test some new baits. I am also testing a new mounting position for the gopro to take some fishy pictures, that worked out quite well.

A chartreuse Generic

To learn new things one have to try new things, this time I have been trying out attractor baits with rattles and glitter finish in quite bright colors. The glitter finish is a bit difficult to show in a picture, I will try filming these later. This one is a chartreuse glitter with a red belly.

Chartreuse is a big time winter color here which really works when fly fishing and glitter soft baits are equally successful every late fall season, so why not try it on a jerk bait.

A Generic in glitter chartreuse, turquoise and red

This one is a variation on the chartreuse adding some turquoise and red rover a slightly darker base. This makes the bait quite a bit darker. I can’t really figure out a name for this color it is something like a tomato collides with a frosty kiwi. It is already a favorite color and it catches fish.


A failed attempt at a motor oil burbot

This one is actually a compete failure that is somewhat rescued. The motor oil color reacted with the epoxy and caused a thousand fish eyes. I somewhat rescued this one adding a two more epoxy coats to make it fishable. So, why show this bait? because this one catches fish. I gave one of these to my buddy and kept one for myself, both caught pike within seconds of hitting the water for the first time. Soon, there will be more attempts at this motor oil color.

Thats all for this time, this easter I will be finishing some more generics, and some new stuff.