The latest batch of piketrapz

The latest batch of piketrapz

A new batch of piketrapz is out. This one delivers jacks and generics. They passed their swim test here today and are all somewhere between very slow sink and suspending here in the brackish water of the baltic sea. Since I use a quite heavy titanium leader they can probably be made suspending by using a lighter leader, it also means that in freshwater they will likely be slow sink versions.

St:Anna Open fall 2016

This first one is a sponsor bait. This one is for St:Anna Open fall 2016. I added a bit of bling to this one to make it special. I do sponsor a few selected events but I set high standards for the events I sponsor. I am happy to say that St:Anna Open fulfills all of them, well done.

St:Anna Open sponsor bait fall 2016

Piketrapz Jacks

Next out is a couple of Piketrapz Jacks. These are the smaller version at 91g and 19cm and they are side to side gliders with a bit of belly flash. These are very slow sink baits and depending on the water you fish, the lead you use and the hooks used I expect they can be tuned between suspending and slow sinking.


Piketrapz Generics

I include a couple of generics in most batches because these are the ones I get the most requests on. While I try to keep these in stock they usually run out faster than I can build them. The generics in this batch are all very slow sinking. This is because I am using a heavy titanium leader in my brackish home waters. I expect that you can tune these to be more shallow using a lighter leader and sink a bit faster using a heavier front hook. They weigh between 94g and 97g and are 17.5cm.

Read more about the models

Do you want to know more about my different models? I have created project threads for each model so that you can read more about the design behind each of the models. You can read more about the Generic here and more about the Jack here.