This one took a lot of time but was also a lot of fun to carve. No photo finish or foil instead this one is covered in silver metal leaf. Perfection in imperfection when every scratch from the knife shows through the metal leaf.

The lure is a starter lure design weighted upside down with one hook on the back for weedless action. This is the same design as I used for the lure building contest last spring.

I fish this model different than my other jerk bait models. I let this one sink down slowly to rest on the bottom doing its thing since it has a nice action sinking. Rather than pausing “hanging” in the water I paus on the bottom simulating a hiding fish. Next I lift the rod straight up accelerating simulating a panicking fish move it a bit and let it fall down again. The pike notice the lure taking off sneak up on it hiding and  go for it when it takes off again.