As you may have noticed production is somewhat slow progress lately. There are many reasons and some excuses. Maybe first of all Piketrapz has never been about producing lures instead this is my way of sharing the products of my hobby. Sometimes production will simply be slower due to other priorities. This is also one of the main reasons I do not build to order, you would find yourself at the end of a slow progressing waiting list and I don’t think that is fair to any of us.

Another reason is that this provides me the freedom to experiment developing new models and techniques with every batch. The flip side to this is that sometimes these experiments takes up a lot of room in the batches. Some ideas are better than others and this year I binned a lot of them experimenting with new foiling techniques.

Developing new models takes time. Usually I fish a new model trough the seasons before evaluating and releasing it to customers, some models remain work in progress for years. This year the spring and summer season seems lost. Late spring with ice covers and low water temperatures ended abruptly in a three month record breaking hot spell from hell. There was basically a week of pre spawning fishing this year with snow cover in the archipelago before spawning started. Summer season seems canceled this year due to high water temperature. This means that new models most likely will have to wait another year before release.

Production suffer as well. Workshop temperatures are simply too high for the top coat I use to work properly and there is a small queue forming by the dryer that will simply have to wait.

Some lures did make it through the process, these are from the latest batch. Some of these will end up auctioned but I expect at least some will end up on the sales page. Spot the odd one 🙂