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On this page you find baits that are for sale. I don’t produce large series of baits or have color charts. I don’t have the capacity to build to order. Instead I make small batches of constantly evolving handmade baits, many of them will be unique. I present them in a special blog category which are listed on this page. Buying a bait is as simple as finding something you like here and getting in touch using the form below, I process them in the order they come in.

If you find that no baits are listed on this page that is because they are all sold out. To receive a notice when I release new baits follow me on twitter or Facebook. I will post a message when I release new baits here.

Generics back in stock

Generic Jerk

Some of you have been waiting for shallow versions of the Generic Jerk. The Generic is now available in three buoyancy levels. Shallow (SH) that will swim just under the surface leaving a wake down to about 50cm. Hover (HO) is a sinking bait, but just barely sinking. The Slow Sink (SS) has a few grams of negativ buoyancy without hooks and will sink slowly. You can read more about the Generic Jerk on the project page.

These are now sold out.

The original Generic Jerk

No, this is not THE original generic. But I am retiring THE original generic jerk, after what is most likely 100+ pike and some really nice memories I cannot risk loosing it any more and realize that I realized I stopped fishing it. So, I made a replacement using the original design, while doing so I made a few extras for you.

If you don’t know the Generic model you can find out more about it here on the project page. These are 16cm slow sink, the weight is between 101-105g.

These are now sold out.

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Anders Henriksson

Anders Henriksson

Lure builder

I am the creator of Piketrapz®. I do most of my fishing in my home waters in Blekinge, Sweden. These are brackish waters and most days of the season crystal clear. I have been fishing here for as long as can remember, most days fishing for Pike. I built my first baits many years ago. Over the years building baits has become a growing hobby in itself just as rewarding as fishing. Piketrapz® is my way of sharing my baits with you. 


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