The Karma 2016 Piketrapz Jack

This is a very special Piketrapz Jack. This one is hand carved from solid Beechwood. Hand carving a lure removes all limitations on curves and shapes imposed by machine tools. The result is a lure with a more original shape.

This lureĀ is laminated with a new photo laminate originating from a small Jack I caught in the eastern Blekinge archipelago. The Jack was released. The photo has been processed to produce a chartreuse Jack modeled after a very successful fly pattern. I fished the prototype last winter, it received a warm welcome from quite a few Blekinge pike.

This was one of the first lures where I used metal flake in the top coat. Metal in epoxy top coating combination with a drying wheel is tricky because the metal flake move around. In this case the flakes ended up in exactly the right places. The metal flake really adds bling.

Lure Details

  • Length: 19.5 cm
  • Wight: 109g without hooks
  • Hooks are included
  • Buoyancy -2g in freshwater without hooks, this is a slow sinking bait.