Creating a Perch imitation

Through the years I have always caught a lot of fish on Perch patterns, naturally I have to have a Perch project. This got kickstarted when I caught a good picture of a small Perch while trying to catch roach for laminate pictures. With such a good laminate I just had to give it a try.

The first Perch

This one was in the same batch as the first generics, it has the same good properties and naturally suffer from very much the same bad ones. At 16 cm and about 55g it has the typical side to side action. Made out of 15mm oak it is a natural slow sink bait.

Making it a bit thicker

With the positive experience from making the Generic thicker I tried the same trick on the Perch. However in the case of the Perch the hump on the back interferes with the action. This one is still a side to side sow sink jerk bait. One difference compared to the Generic is that this one is still made of oak, I did not switch to Beech wood. The shape still needs a bit more work.

A generic Perch

For these ones I cheated a bit, they are Generics in a Perch costume. It works due to the shapeshifting ability of the generic but is not really the point of this project. Still,these are very fishable baits.

The project is still very much ongoing, I will add more here as the project proceeds.