Gobys have invaded the Baltic sea over the last decade or so and are now very much on the menu for the Pike. When fishing the outer archipelago a Goby bait is very much a must have for me.

A modified Generic Goby

Having studied Goby behavior snorkeling their home waters in the summer months I decided to make the Goby a swimming stop and go bait. What I mean by this is that I want the bait to swim on its own on a steady retrieve without having to add rod action and I intend to fish it with a lot of stops on the retrieve where I want the bait to sink slowly. This imitates the Goby behavior of swimming up a short bit to catch something and then sink back down.

Learning from the jack pike project I started out by modifying the Generic shape. Simply adding some more forehead, this makes it look a bit more like a Goby and also makes the bait swim.

In the beginning I did nor have any laminate for Gobys so I painted the first few baits by hand with a small brush and airbrush.

Finally caught one

I finally caught one of the locals and took a picture that I can use for a laminate. This means I now can produce laminated Gobys. My only problem now is that the hand painted version fish so well that I am not sure I want to give up the hand painting.

This is very much a live project, this model still have some way to go before I will call this one done.