The Starter Lure

The Starter Lure project is a bit different in the sense that this is not going to be a Piketrapz lure. One of the harder things when starting out as a bait builder is the first lure. Coming up with a first lure design that works is not easy, there are many mistakes to be made and usually involves a bit of prototyping. A shortcut to get started is to copy an existing model. That is where this lure comes in to the picture. This lure design is intended to serve as a kickstart bait for anybody wanting to try out lure building.

The first two Starter Lures
Starter Lure RSU

Lure Design

This lure shape can be built Right Side Up (RSU) or Up Side Down (USD). Built RSU it becomes a traditional side to side lure while built USD it becomes more irrational with a big glide for its size.

The lure is 14.5 cm long. The Centrer of Gravity (CoG) is around 60mm from the nose but always locate the CoG since it will vary slightly between lures. The nose and tail screw eyes are placed on the horisontal center line. The screw eye for the belly hook is placed on the CoG. Balance weights are placed 30mm in front of the CoG and 35mm after CoG, equally divided between the locations.

The CoG will be the same regardless if the lure is built RSU or USD, about 60mm from the nose. The Screw eyes and balance weights can be placed the same.

The prototypes where built from 19mm thick beechwood and weigh about 80g weighted slow sinking. For reference beechwood has a density about 0.725. When using less dense wood the balance weights will need to be spread further towards the ends to compensate. The design is balanced for a titanium leader, 2x strong treble hooks a 3/0 belly hook and a 1/0 tail hook.


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Here you can download the Starter Lure design. It is a single A4 page with scale 1:1 drawings that is intended to be used as a template.