Topwater baits for pike

Topwater fishing pike is both fun and challenging. Fun because the takes are often spectacular when you can see the pike coming just below the surface and you can judge by the size of the wave what is coming. Frustrating because it is so hard to have the discipline to wait until you can feel the take before setting the hook, very often you end up setting the hook when you can see the take, if you do you set the hook to early and will most likely miss the fish. I have seen a lot of interesting topwater baits for Bass, but not so for pike, thats where this project started.

A small one

I have made a few different models to test how typical bass topwater shapes scales to a bigger lure. This first one is the smallest one and one of the more successful, it has the typical topwater walk the dog action.

One with a higher profile

For this one I added some height. I think it walks better than the smaller one and makes more noise, but the fish does not agree, at least not yet.

A sub surface model

This one is different. Instead of walking on the surface it walks just below the surface creating a trace on the surface. Some days this is more effective than a lure walking on the surface.

A bigger one

This one is significantly bigger than the others at 19cm. This hans been the by far most successful of the models, it seems nice matters.

The project is under evaluation, we will see how this one continues.