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Slow progress

As you may have noticed production is somewhat slow progress lately. There are many reasons and some excuses. Maybe first of all Piketrapz has never been about producing lures instead this is my way of sharing the products of my hobby. Sometimes production will simply be slower due to other priorities. This is also one of the main reasons I do not build to order, you would find yourself at the end of a slow progressing waiting list and I don’t think that is fair to any of us.

Another reason is that this provides me the freedom to experiment developing new models and techniques with every batch. The flip side to this is that sometimes these experiments takes up a lot of room in the batches. Some ideas are better than others and this year I binned a lot of them experimenting with new foiling techniques.

Developing new models takes time. Usually I fish a new model trough the seasons before evaluating and releasing it to customers, some models remain work in progress for years. This year the spring and summer season seems lost. Late spring with ice covers and low water temperatures ended abruptly in a three month record breaking hot spell from hell. There was basically a week of pre spawning fishing this year with snow cover in the archipelago before spawning started. Summer season seems canceled this year due to high water temperature. This means that new models most likely will have to wait another year before release.

Production suffer as well. Workshop temperatures are simply too high for the top coat I use to work properly and there is a small queue forming by the dryer that will simply have to wait.

Some lures did make it through the process, these are from the latest batch. Some of these will end up auctioned but I expect at least some will end up on the sales page. Spot the odd one ūüôā

Baby G Hybrid Prototypes


Maybe it is the ultimate solution the stinger problems on softbaits to simply skip half of the software part replacing it with a hard body. No wights screw eyes or stingers to bother about that can break or work its way loose. The soft part remains where it makes the most difference, in the tail.

Next these will go through a test period to fine tune swimming action and prove their fish catching abilities. All goes well these will show up here eventually.

Baby G Hybrid

These are Baby G Hybrids. They are based on the Baby G but adjusted to swim with a tail or paddle. I aim to make these work with standard of the shelf Svartzonker tails since these are generally available. This makes it easier to stock up on tails for customers. I am prototyping tails to match, more on that later.

A One of starter lure


This one took a lot of time but was also a lot of fun to carve. No photo finish or foil instead this one is covered in silver metal leaf. Perfection in imperfection when every scratch from the knife shows through the metal leaf.

The lure is a starter lure design weighted upside down with one hook on the back for weedless action. This is the same design as I used for the lure building contest last spring.

I fish this model different than my other jerk bait models. I let this one sink down slowly to rest on the bottom doing its thing since it has a nice action sinking. Rather than pausing “hanging” in the water I paus on the bottom simulating a hiding fish. Next I lift the rod straight up accelerating simulating a panicking fish move it a bit and let it fall down again. The pike notice the lure taking off sneak up on it hiding and ¬†go for it when it takes off again.



A Baby Perch for darker waters

Baby Perch

A couple of Baby Perch from the latest batch. I don’t make that many of these but I wanted to try out a copper foil under the Perch laminate to match the colours of Perch from darker waters. With some copper flakes on the back it turned out real nice. The pictures show a copper foiled version and an alu foiled version for comparison.

The copper foiled one will be a sponsor lure for St:Anna Pike Open, the alu foiled one is available.

Sold out

Generics back in stock

Generic Jerk

Some of you have been waiting for shallow versions of the Generic Jerk. The Generic is now available in three buoyancy levels. Shallow (SH) that will swim just under the surface leaving a wake down to about 50cm. Hover (HO) is a sinking bait, but just barely sinking. The Slow Sink (SS) has a few grams of negativ buoyancy without hooks and will sink slowly. You can read more about the Generic Jerk on the project page.

These are now sold out.

Jacks in the house

Piktrapz Jack

Since Karma 16 I have many inquiries for the Jack and now finally have a few in stock. This is the natural coloured version without rattle chamber. I have started to mark these with the buoyancy, Slow Sink (SS) and HOver (HO). All Jacks built this far have been slow sink, the hover version is new. Hover is not a suspending bait, it is sinking bait but has more buoyancy and will sink significantly slower than the slow sink. You can read more about the Jack on the project page.

Sold out

Introducing the Baby Generic

A batch of Piketrapz

Posted by Piketrapz on Monday, October 24, 2016

A batch of Baby Generics

You may have seen the prototypes before but this is the first production batch of the Baby Generic. The production version is basically the same as the prototype, just not with the epoxy and paint defects. This one I got right from the start. Also, I started playing with video. The ide is that you will get a better feel for the bait on video than using only pictures.

The Baby G

The Baby Generic is a smaller version of the generic. This one is about 14 cm and 70g in slow sink version. It is a re-design as opposed to a scale down to preserve the fishability of the Generic in the smaller version.

The Piketrapz Baby Genric

The first video of the Piketrapz Baby Generic, about 14cm and 70g.

Posted by Piketrapz on Monday, October 24, 2016

The Baby G video

This video shows a side by side comparison between the Generic and the Baby Generic. Most of these went fast during last weeks bait builders event but I have a few left in stock.

Sold out

Piketrapz Generic Perch

The Piketrapz Generic in a perch costume.

Posted by Piketrapz on Monday, October 24, 2016

A shallow Generic Perch

In this batch I also included shallow versions of the Generic. These are floating baits that will swim just below the surface on the retrieve leaving a wake. They can be worked down to about 2 feet and will raise towards the surface on a stop. I have one of these left, a Perch.

Sold out

One more little thing, I set up a Facebook page for Piketrapz here

A new piketrapz batch is out

The latest batch of piketrapz

The latest batch of piketrapz

A new batch of piketrapz is out. This one delivers jacks and generics. They passed their swim test here today and are all somewhere between very slow sink and suspending here in the brackish water of the baltic sea. Since I use a quite heavy titanium leader they can probably be made suspending by using a lighter leader, it also means that in freshwater they will likely be slow sink versions.

St:Anna Open fall 2016

This first one is a sponsor bait. This one is for St:Anna Open fall 2016. I added a bit of bling to this one to make it special. I do sponsor a few selected events but I set high standards for the events I sponsor. I am happy to say that St:Anna Open fulfills all of them, well done.

St:Anna Open sponsor bait fall 2016

Piketrapz Jacks

Next out is a couple of Piketrapz Jacks. These are the smaller version at 91g and 19cm and they are side to side gliders with a bit of belly flash. These are very slow sink baits and depending on the water you fish, the lead you use and the hooks used I expect they can be tuned between suspending and slow sinking.


Piketrapz Generics

I include a couple of generics in most batches because these are the ones I get the most requests on. While I try to keep these in stock they usually run out faster than I can build them. The generics in this batch are all very slow sinking. This is because I am using a heavy titanium leader in my brackish home waters. I expect that you can tune these to be more shallow using a lighter leader and sink a bit faster using a heavier front hook. They weigh between 94g and 97g and are 17.5cm.

Read more about the models

Do you want to know more about my different models? I have created project threads for each model so that you can read more about the design behind each of the models. You can read more about the Generic here and more about the Jack here.

Back in the workshop

Back in the workshop

My summer break has been a little longer this year but now I am back in the workshop. The hand has healed well but instead my drywheel has been giving me trouble bending an axel causing epoxi to end up in the wrong place. Hopefully that is now fixed, we will see tomorrow.

I noticed something interesting weighing the next batch, I have oak that have lower density than the beechwood, usually it is the other way around but 20 year old oak can dry up really well. The top bait in the picture is beechwood, it weighs 32g and carry 13g. The lower bait in the picture is old dry oak, it weighs 24g but carry 14g.

Piketrapz softbaits

A first laminated cast

This is a peek of project that has been going on for a while now, a Piketrapz softbait. I have just finished the first silicone mold and done a few tests casts. The first Piketrapz softbait is a little roach, these are about 70g with an internal wire rig.

Prototypes for evaluation

I have made a few prototype casts for evaluation, eyes are still missing. I will be evaluating both airbrush + dipped baits and laminates depending on color scheme.

The master

The master. I made a one piece mold for this one, it took me a good 45 minutes to get the master out of the silicone mold without breaking it, 45 minutes and some bad words. Note to myself in the future, big fins -> make two piece molds.

Taking a break

Now I will be taking a break for a few weeks due to a small planned surgery to my left hand, see you in a few weeks.

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